We believe we can show our love for the Earth through the everyday goods and services we buy.

Lovethe.Earth wants to provide you with a simple way to understand the environmental impact of your purchasing power.

As we develop the website, database, and B Corporation that will become our platform, we invite you to subscribe, follow us, and give.

Fair Trade Purchase Power

What is fair trade? And why should we buy fair trade goods? Buying fair trade is a simple way to make a difference for people who make the things we love from other countries. It’s a way of doing business that enables farmers and workers to improve their lives and take more control of their future. Plus it empowers us to make purchases that support our values. Fair trade ensures better prices, decent working conditions, and a fair deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. They have a strong voice at every level of fair trade—from how they run their own organizations, to having an equal say in decision-making at the global level. Fair trade business practices are carefully designed to advance economic and social goals. As a consumer, it helps to know there are multiple organizations who use the term fair trade, but they are not all the same. For example, Fairtrade International is a global entity with Fairtrade America as its U.S. member organization. Fair Trade USA, however, is not a member of Fairtrade International. Fair Trade USA resigned from the global Fairtrade system in 2011. It has a different name spelling and a different logo. We do believe that by choosing fair trade goods, we can create change through our everyday actions; in addition, we also believe that fair trade certifications should go further to advance environmental goals. Mainly, why should fair trade evaluation occur from the beginning of the supply chain but stop before the end when it reaches us as consumers? Our buying power can compensate for this gap. Look for fair trade goods that have no packaging, 100% paper packaging, recycled packaging, and packaging that can be recycled. #LovetheEarth #welovetheearth #audiogram #circulareconomy #fairtrade #ReduceReuseRecycle #shopping #shopsustainable #sustainable
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