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Greenwashing Purchase Power

Do you know how to spot greenwashing?  Greenwashing is the attempt to make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than they really are. It happens most often in marketing on a company's own website, but also in interviews and advertisements. Here's a quick exercise to hear some greenwashing in action. You’ll hear this as we model the process of a simple company search. A good place to start is a company website. Let's use Synergy Kombucha made by GT’s Living Foods. On their website, they explain the benefits of using glass bottles for kombucha, but they don't mention the carbon footprint of their plastic caps. They also claim that they will be zero-waste in 12 months—without mentioning a specific year or linking to details. Exactly how long has that statement been on their website? Sadly, that's an example of greenwashing. Now, let's turn to the "Find a B Corp" directory on the B Lab website. B Lab is a nonprofit organization who develops a set of standards for B Corporations. B Corps demonstrate a verifiable commitment toward protecting people, communities, and the planet. When we search for "kombucha" in the directory, Brew Dr. is one of the results. When we go to the Brew Dr. website, we find that they use metal caps instead of plastic ones. They also offer information on the stages of their carbon neutrality plan, with a goal to become carbon neutral in 2030. More research could still be done at this point, especially when it comes to answering the 5 important questions we included in our previous post. However, we hope this exercise helps you identify greenwashing as you switch to more sustainable products. #LovetheEarth #welovetheearth #audiogram #bcorp #bcorporation #circulareconomy #ReduceReuseRecycle #shopping #shopsustainable #sustainable #ZeroWaste